SYNONYMS: mercury (II) acetate, Bis(acetyloxy)mercury, Diacetoxymercury, Mercuric diacetate, Mercuric(II) acetate,


Product Code PM02505
Grade LR
Purity >98.0%
CAS No. 1600-27-7
Molecuar Formula C4H6HgO4
Molecular weight 318.68
H.S. Code 29152900





Organic synthesis; Reagent for the hydrolysis of vinyl halides to ketones; for mercuration of organic compounds, for absorption of ethylene. Reagent f

Safety Information and Hazard Symbols

  • hazard3
  • hazar1
  • hazar2
Signal Word DANGER
UN No 1629
IMDG Code 6.1/II
Safety Code S13-28-36-45-60-61
Risk Code R26/27/28-33-50/53
IATA 6.1
Hazardous Statement H300 +H310 + H330-H373-H410
Precaution Statement P260-P264-P273-P280-P284-P301 + P310

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