NOVACHIM is one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of Laboratory Glassware,high purity reagents and fine chemicals

NOVACHIM primarily been selling into the Tunisian Market and now over 30 dealers in Tunisia.
We started exporting and with its good quality and good service NOVACHIM is the leader in exports of Glassware, chemicals and exporting to more than 12 contries worldwide

the Brand ‘NOVACHIM’ is known for high quality products and is actually aware of consistent purity and reliability of its entire range more than 500 products.

NOVACHIM Glassware is highly resistance water, neutral and acid solutions, concentrated on acids and their mixtures as well as to chloride, bromine, iodine, and organic matters. Even during extended period of reaction and at temperatures above 100° C, its chemical resistance exceeds of most metals and other materials. It can withstand repeated dry and wet sterilization without surface deterioration and subsequent contamination. Resistance to attack of various chemicals is shown under. Only hydrofluoric acid, very hot phosphoric acid and alkaline solutions increasingly attack the glass surface with rising concentration and temperature.

We lay special emphasis on packaging, which is done in a controlled pollution free atmosphere so as to regulate moisture level and also to avoid the mixing of unwanted foreign particles with the material. The packaging is specially designed for safe handling & smooth forwarding at the transporter & user’s end respectively.

NOVACHIM is commited to the following for its business of manufacturing,testing packing,marketing and supply of its products.

• Achieving customer satisfaction.
• Pevention pollution and minimizing waste
• Establishing a safe & healthy working environment for our personnel.
• Quality assured products
• Prompt services

We look forward for your continued patronage