SYNONYMS: 1, 4-Epoxybutane, Butylene oxide, Cyclotetramethylene oxide, Furanidine, THF,


Product Code LT02285
Grade AR
Purity >(GC)99.5%
CAS No. 109-99-9
Molecuar Formula C4H80
Molecular weight 72.11
H.S. Code 29321100





Analytical solvent/hydrogenation;used for protection of hydroxy and thiols group as 2’o-tetrahydrofuranyl ethers.

Safety Information and Hazard Symbols

  • exclamation-mark-7
  • flame-2
  • symbols_10
Signal Word DANGER
UN No 2056
IMDG Code 3.1/II
Safety Code S13-16-29-33-36-37-46
Risk Code R11-19-36/37-40
IATA 3.1
Hazardous Statement H225-H319-H335-H351
Precaution Statement P210-P261-P281-P305 + P351 + P338

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